February Feature Investigation

Happy Valentine's Day, President's Day, Lupercalia, and Leap Year Day.  The 29th is also Valentween (see below).

This month, we give advice on contact with a supernatural entity through our case 11015

Feb. 22

February Announcements

Feb. 6:  Investigation, TBD


Feb. 29:  Valentween!  For those who are interested in Second Halloween, we offer Valentween -- a Valentine's Day/Hallowe'en mash up.  Watch "The Addams Family", "My Bloody Valentine", "Little Shop of Horrors", "The Corpse Bride" or other appropriate film that combines romance and horror.  Give the gift of Halloween candy.  Dress up as your favorite romantic hero.  However, watch out for the Grim Cupid....he's looking for love, and he's looking for YOU.  (More details at the SPIRITS of St. Petersburg Facebook Events page).