August Feature Investigation

This month, we have a recheck of the Suntan Art Center.  This time, there are Paranormal Pugs present!  We had a much greater response from the entities this go round.  Data to be updated as we go through video and audio recordings.  Check it out here:


August 18th Full Sturgeon Moon 5:27 am

August Announcements

Full Sturgeon Moon – August The fishing tribes are given credit for the naming of this Moon, since sturgeon, a large fish of the Great Lakes and other major bodies of water, were most readily caught during this month. A few tribes knew it as the Full Red Moon because, as the Moon rises, it appears reddish through any sultry haze. It was also called the Green Corn Moon or Grain Moon. (Thanks to:

Upcoming: Well, we've been busy with Paranormal Pet episodes at  We've brought the pugs on a paranormal investigation at the Suntan Art Center (see this month's newest page).  I've also done a few interviews and a few more animal/human hybrids!  For now, the most recent newly released episode:   Paranormal Potpourri:


New Equipment:  We finally have our equipment up and running.  There is a new SPPI computer, the Paranornal Puck has returned to service, and we have a new IR video camera.  Much better!


Coming Next month:  Setember 10th:  Ghost Hunting 101 at the Pinellas Comic Con, Seminole Library.  Details are posted on our Facebook Events Page.


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